MASH Learning's head office and learning center are situated in Beijing, China. Our location is second-to-none as it's in close proximity to all major schools in the city. Our campus is located just 200 meters from Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA), plus we have excellent parking facilities, which makes it hassle-free for students and visitors to access.


In addition, MASH has sales offices in Hangzhou, China and in Skagen, Denmark. Both locations are very popular especially when it comes to cultural trips and educational travel activities. 


MASH Learning (Beijing) Co. Ltd

YuMing St. 1, Unit 3-6 HouShaYu 

101318, ShunYi, Beijing, China


MASH Learning (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd

ZhongDu St. 15, Unit 47-49

Zhejiang, 310000, Hangzhou, China



MASH Travel ApS

Peter Andersens Vej 26

9990 Skagen