Kung Fu

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy (or Shaolin Temple  Wushu School) was founded in 1978, is the earliest and the largest kung fu academy in China. It is the earliest an authentic martial arts professional schools, but also a set of Chinese cultural, martial arts, film and television performances, training in an integrated martial arts academies.


The MASH Kung Fu team of teachers have all been trained at Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy, which gives our student a truly unique opportunity to learn from the best of the best. Our Kung Fu program teaches basic kung fu skills through the visualized content of the Panda, Crane-White belt, Tiger-Blue belt, Viper-Green belt, Mantis-Yellow belt, Monkey-Red belt, Dragon-Black belt and XMA Warrior, 8 animals represent 8 different belt colors and styles. From white to black, punching, kicking, and forms increase in difficulty. Through fun exercises, students develop and improve coordination, speed, strength, and balance and learn the proper techniques for punches, kicks, jumps and roll, etc.


Our students will not only learn vital self-defense skills, gain a better physical fitness, but also learn key life skills such as self-control, courage, responsibility, and perseverance. 


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